Master Facebook Advertisement for Your Business

It’s no secret that Social Media sites provide businesses with huge benefits in terms of marketing and advertising exposure. However, the most common complaint we hear when our clients use Facebook’s paid ad services is “I don’t really know what to do, and I don’t even really know what kind of return to even look for.”  The Procept Marketing Team has compiled for you a collection of resources that will guide you to mastering Facebook Advertisement for your business in no time. Follow our trusty guide and you will gain the know-how to create ads that are super relevant and produce greater engagement than before!

So we’ll start with Facebook for Business…

If you didn’t know, Facebook has a completely separate page to manage your marketing efforts. We recommend to each of our clients that they manage their business page with Facebook Business (found at www.business.facebook.com) There are also apps available, Facebook Pages and Facebook Ads.  Facebook Business is far different from traditional Facebook.com when managing your business’s pages--in terms of access to better measurement and reporting, ad creating and editing, and…


If you aren’t already, you should definitely be utilizing Audience Insights to develop an effective Facebook marketing campaign. This tool allows you to create a target audience, reach new people in audiences similar to those you have already created, and save commonly used targeting options (demographics, behaviors, interests) for future use. Invest the time it takes to really hone in your target market here.

Next up is a factor that I find is often grossly overlooked. For example, I was scrolling down the newsfeed on my personal page when I came across an ad for Instacart--Amazon’s new grocery delivery service. I recently became a Prime (addict) user and got super excited at the prospect of linking grocery delivery to my rapidly growing list of services offered by Amazon. I clicked on the link that directed me to download their app, signed in my details and then WHAM! I got the notice. It wasn’t offered in my area yet. Instant saltiness ensued. I quickly deleted the app from my phone, saved myself some storage space, and now every time I come across an Instacart advertisement my eyes just automatically skip over it. Their marketing team didn’t take the time to define their target advertisements to only reach the geographical locations their services are offered in. And this is coming from a HUGE corporation. Perhaps they figured that they have the customer base and budget to spare, and wanted to introduce Instacart to everyone in the US. But let’s be realistic, most of us don’t have the money to waste on ineffective ad campaigns. So save yourself some serious funding, and make sure that your geographic targeting is relevant to the audience you are wanting to reach.

Take the time to make sure that your ad has all the attributes it needs to be relevant. Consider the who, what, when, where, and why: Who am I trying to target with this ad? Will it appeal to them? What am I trying to advertise or promote? Is that clearly presented? Where do I want my audience to come from? Do I want to reach our current followers or target a new audience? Are they in my city, and if so where in that area? And lastly, Why do I want my customers to care about what I’m posting. Why is this any benefit to them?

Believe it or not, Facebook actually scores relevancy on a scale of 1 to 10. The higher the relevancy score, the more likely your post is to be seen by your audience. You can improve your relevancy score by being specific when you target your audience, use high-quality and relevant images, and keep your ad fresh.

And that brings me to content. Your business is professional, therefore your visual content should be professional as well. Make sure your photos are clear, well lit, and showcase your product. If you are in an industry that is very visual such as a hair salon or boutique, you often see posts with “Shoutouts” or “#repost” and this is a great way to keep your page active. But you should always avoid reposting pictures of a product or service that you don’t offer or isn’t similar to your business’s style, no matter how cool it is. However, reposting a customer’s picture of themselves enjoying your product is a good practice.

Don’t fret if no one on your staff is a graphic designer; use resources like Canva.com to make appealing flyers or announcements. It is generally understood that people are visual creatures, so make sure to use video whenever possible. Videos always receive more views than they will receive likes or comments, and that’s ok! Your goal is to just get people watching. Once your audience views a video for more than 3 seconds, Facebook automatically gives it a better relevancy score and it has an increased chance to reach a broader audience.

Next up, get ready for the pro tip….

In the quest to target new likes, so many of us miss this crucial step: When setting up a new campaign with the Power Editor or in the live Facebook account, exclude audiences such as people who already like your page. It’s that simple. This will direct your campaigns outside of your current fan base and will bring in fresh engagement.

And finally, each audience and each business is different. Learn from testing--try showing a different ad to the same audience, or your best ad to several different audiences. Look for patterns among your past performance to discover what works. We recommend only testing out one ad element at a time to truly be able to measure improvement.