Reputation Management Page


We all know that reviews and comments are everything to a business’s image, but how much do they affect you really? Companies should always be looking to improve their reputation by reviews and star ranking as statistics show that more than 88% of consumers utilize online reviews for selecting there options in purchases! Knowing how reviews and rankings play a major role in whether or not your company gets the job, keeping an eye on your business’ reputation should become vital when maintaining the reputation of your establishment.

Let’s explain how reputation and reviews can help/hurt your business:  The obvious scenario is if you get good reviews and high star ratings then your business will look more appealing to potential customers. But if you get a bad review or a low star rating, your business will suffer as you become less desirable to potential customers. Well, we are here to tell you luckily, that’s not exactly true. Almost every business has had a negative experience with customers and probably has gotten a bad review. Did you know that 100% of customers who annually earn 150,000.00 leave negative reviews when poor customer service experience has occurred? If your target market is comprised of middle class consumers, your business could be suffering by either not having enough current positive feedback or displaying a lack of initiative when resolving bad experiences online.

A negative comment online isn’t the end of the world for your reputation--this is often an excellent opportunity for you ( the business owner) to show consumers how they can expect you to communicate with them, your approach to addressing problems, and allow you an outlet to provide a high level of continued service within you establishment. By reaching out quickly and efficiently to negative feedback, you have an opportunity mitigate the situation.

However, we understand that there are some disgruntled customers out there who really don’t want their problems solved--or worse, competitors trying to bring you down via nefarious means. Don’t stress! The team at Procept Marketing is available to provide you PLENTY of options to help your business maintain the online reputation and reviews you deserve.

At Procept Marketing our ability to build or repair your digital reputation is our specialty. If you’re asking “What can my company do to improve its online reviews?” we have a number of solutions both short term and long term do rebrand your business. Whatever stage you business is in, Procept Marketing is here to establish or reestablish your professional reputation. SO IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION--Contact us for a absolutely free consultation. We would love to offer some suggestions to help you get started with your reputation management.