Local Marketing Firm brings new technology to support Acadiana commerce

Lafayette, LA, September 15, 2017– Procept Marketing, a local marketing firm, has recently launched a new technology in the Acadiana area designed to help bridge the gap between cell phone communication and local businesses.

“When we decided to launch the campaign in the Acadiana area, our goal was to create a new platform that helps deliver the right message at the right time. With the use of the LocalBeacons app, we’ve provided a way to connect people with their surroundings.”—Josh Mtanyos of GeauxBeacon

While the technology known as Proximity Marketing has found its place in major retailers and stadiums across the country, the ability to wirelessly distribute information is relatively new to Louisiana.

Notifications are linked to your location within a virtual zone called a “geofence.” Another form is operated with the use of Beacon Technology, which allows businesses and event organizers to collect specific data as well as increase the accuracy of their “virtual map”. The GeauxBeacon Team is hoping to bring proximity technology to festivals, football games, and events across South Louisiana.

“We’re considering the major benefits this could have concerning public safety at events with large crowds. Organizers can utilize beacons to inform them when areas are too densely populated, allowing staff or security to spread people to more manageable areas before problems arise. Now with the notification you can communicate with your attendees directly and in real time.”—Brad Henry of Procept Marketing

To receive the benefits users simply download the LocalBeacons app, which can be found on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for Android users.

“I think it’s cool and definitely useful. I’ve received some really good discounts, and got an alert notifying me about at an event I attended recently. I like that it’s been giving me the messages that apply to what I’m doing or where I’m at without having to go looking for them.” –LocalBeacons user Katie LeBlanc

Current and future LocalBeacons users can look forward to a new app update that is being released November 2017. This update provides new features, including the ability to integrate your app to your Facebook profile. And don’t worry about getting bogged down with too many offers when driving around town; the update is also giving you the ability to opt out of any notifications you don’t want.